Best Bath Time Toys for Your Dog

Before you bathe your dog in our convenient luxury dog washes at Pet Fresh, be sure your dog is ready before you start. Some dogs don’t like to be washed right away and need some build-up before the water splashes. The best way for you and your pooch to make the best of our luxury dog wash experience is with bath-ready playtime toys.

Dogs, like babies, enjoy being distracted while you wash and rinse them off. Any rubber toy, whether it’s a squeaky rubber duck or something like any Kong toy that also squeaks, is ideal for keeping your dog entertained throughout the Clean-Up Process.

Peanut butter may also be your most loyal bathtime companion. Simply coat a towel with peanut butter and drape the towel over the ledge of our dog wash station. The hanging towel will enable your dog to lick the peanut butter while you are washing them. You can also wear a face shield and coat it with peanut butter as well. That way you can also avoid getting your face wet while you wash! But first, be sure to check the label of any peanut butter you give your dog.

Your standard kong toy is always a winner at any time of the day.

There are also special silicone treat gadgets that suction onto the baths during bath time that you can apply while washing at one of our convenient luxury dog wash stations that are designed especially for peanut butter. These toys and techniques provide an easy solution and are easy to clean up because your dog does all the work!

What a great way to make bath time fun for you and your pooch!

If you decide to use peanut butter or toys in any way at any of our convenient luxury Pet Fresh Dog Wash facilities, be sure to follow the sixth and final step which is to use the tub disinfectant to clean and prep for the next pup’s bath!

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