How to Wash Your Muddy Dog

Dogs are muddy, dirty creatures. If you have a muddy dog that needs to be cleaned up, it’s important to know how to do this the right way. This blog post will provide you with some useful tips on how to clean your muddy canine friend without using harmful chemicals.

1. Brush Your Dog

It appears to be a common, obvious first step, but it’s critical and you must brush your dog right away after, especially if it has long hair. Otherwise, mud will harden and entangle as it dries, making combing it out while dry difficult and unpleasant for the dog. The easier you make things for them the more they will enjoy their dog wash at one of our convenient self-serve luxury dog wash stations.

2. Get Them to the nearest Pet Fresh Dog Wash!

If you haven’t already, get your dog to the closest Pet Fresh, where we give you the most joyful experience for you and your pup. Our hoses provide the perfect water temperature every time, especially during these cold Minnesota winters. Our hoses are well designed and easy to use, engineered to infuse a wide variety of dog washing products to make bathing a near one-handed job.

3. Shampoo the Dog

The next step is to choose the right shampoo that we provide for your muddy dog. We provide a wide variety to help you find the right solution for their hair or fur type. Traditional dog shampoos are best for short-haired dogs that don’t shed, whereas oatmeal shampoos are best for fur and long-haired dogs. We also have tearless shampoo so you can give them a spa day with a doggy facial cleanse! Don’t forget the flea and tick treatment as well.

4. Rinse the Dog Off

Once you’re satisfied that you got most of the mud and dirt off, it’s time to rinse the pup off. You can repeat the same step you used to knock the mud or dirt off initially. Make sure you get their underside rinsed thoroughly. If your dog feels squeaky clean, he’s been rinsed well and is ready to be dried off in whatever way you think is safest and best.

We are the Easier Way to Clean a Dirty Dog.

Cleaning your dog does not have to add to the burden of housekeeping. We can relieve you of that bother at Pet Fresh Dog wash. Our pet wash stations are open 5 am to 1 am, 7 days a week, and provide a wide variety of shampoos, conditioners, vacuum, blow dryers, and tub disinfectants to help keep your pup clean and healthy!