The Importance of Washing Your Double-Coated Dog

Every dog is beautiful in its own way, but difficult grooming circumstances can follow. This is especially true if you have a double-coated dog. These wonderfully fuzzy pets may need to be bathed on a regular basis, which adds to the commitment.

Do you have a double-coated dog that is staring down an enormous grooming expense with dread? You’re in luck! At Pet Fresh Dog Wash our self-service pet wash stations are a cost-effective, convenient, and successful option that doesn’t leave your home in a soapy state of shock.

Here are some of the dog breeds that have a double coat: The Akita, Chow Chow, Finnish Lapphund, German Spitz, Icelandic Sheep Dog, Keeshond, Norwegian Elkhound, Pomeranian, Siberian Husky,  and Herding dogs such as the bearded Collie, along with working dogs like the Newfoundland.

A thorough bath is an important component of any grooming session. Depending on your dog’s tolerance for grooming and skin condition, as well as the season, you should bathe a double-coated dog every eight to 12 weeks. If it’s shedding season, you might need to increase the frequency of your dog’s baths to keep stray hair under control.

You’ll probably need to brush your dog even if you don’t trim him or her. Brush your dog on a regular basis, just like bathing, to help prevent molted dog hair from accumulating in your house and the formation of unpleasant mats in your pet’s coat. It will aid remove any loose hair and decrease the amount of time it takes to brush your dog. If you do not brush their hair daily, then their hair will matte and bathing your dog at our luxury self-serve dog wash stations will be quite difficult.

Our self-serve pet washes are a wonderful way to save money and time on grooming, especially if your dog has a double-coated coat. Even if your dog needs a bath once or twice a week, our self-serve washes are an excellent option for keeping them clean and smelling pleasant.

Pet Wash provides stations that are open 5 am to 1 am every day— no need to schedule. Simply visit a station whenever it is convenient for you. As an added benefit, our pet wash stations let you clean your dog from top to bottom without making a mess in the house.